How to Contact Mytrip Support?

Our customer care team is available for you 24/7 over email (, calls (09016291633), whatsapp (+2347025669964) and via our social media channels below, we regularly respond in minutes.

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All enquiries, whether made through Email or Phone, would be responded to not later than 48 hours from time of receipt.


Support from Transport Partners.

We can also assist you reach out to any partnering bus operator in cases of cancelations, reshedules, refunds, insurrance, loss of items while on-board, etc. Whatever the need to reach our partenering bus opperators, simply write to us.

Chat Bot (Benji)

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Meet Benji, Our Chatbot that helps you resolve all your travel and booking issues, helps you make decisions as well as make active ticket reservations just as our Mobile app would, He's quicker and convenient.

Hey Benji, I am Philip i need to travel from Abuja to Lagos by bus tommorow, what's the best price available. 9:05pm Hi Phil, Please hold on. 9:05pm What area of Abuja particularly and What area of Lagos. 9:05pm Benji of Mytrip
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Search & Compare Trips.

Choose your departure and destination, choose your date of depature, and compare prices between several transport companies.

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Instant ticket

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We offer instant and valid e-ticket upon each successfull booking which includes all the neccesary details about you trip, this e-ticket guarantees you a pass during Check-in.

How it Works

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