Top 6 Youtube channels to source for your travel adventures in 2022

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A long day at work, you may decide to surf the internet to spend some time to view some travel experiences on youtube channels. What is your dream country to spend some time on vacation over  the Winter? What do you need to do to have a splendid travel experience? Youtube channels house lots of adventure and quality videos, inspiring and creative adventures to stun across. Click to have an amazing travel experience, also note that youtube age restriction if the need be. Check out the following youtube channels to have an amazing traveling experience.

Top 6 Youtube channels to source for your travel adventures in 2022

Drew binsky goldberg

  • 9million subscribers
  • 4 billion views

Drew binsky who is a you tube guru on travel experience and a Guinness world record holder on the most visited site has scaled over 197countries recognized by the united Nations, and visual documentary like video, content, pictures of his amazing adventures to these different countries. You can follow his website on youtube and facebook.

Bucket list family

Another exciting travel influencer is the bucket list family known as the Gee family. Made up of parents Garrett and Jessica and children Manilla, Dorothy and Caliber. Imagine having an adventure with family, that sounds so exciting, right? 

With 2.5 million followers on instagram where they shared stunning  pictures of their adventures and 1.3 million subscribers on youtube channels and mind-blowing videos of their adventures with their kids. They have visited over 65 countries and have shared their amazing experience on their website, youtube channels and Instagram page.

Travel yourself

Have so many reviews on travel experiences and tours to embark on. The 10 most amazing places to visit in Seoul. You can follow their youtube channels for travel guides, video and stunning pictures to make the next visit.

Dave and Deb

Over 20years married couple who found their passion in traveling round the world. Have visited over 115 countries and 7 continents at large. Brand ambassador for travel companies. They are founders of an award-winning travel blog and have over 1million subscribers to their website on travel guides and content on adventures.

They topped the title with “Adventure is for everyone” you don’t need to rob a bank just to make your adventures memorable, follow on youtube to get more insight on travel guides and tours.

Fearless and Far

Embarking on a dangerous adventure with just hope alife. Mike Corey, an influencer on travel tours, has content, stories and reviews on how to overcome your fears when you embark on an adventure and make the best time out of it. With 140k viewers and still counting and 750,000 subscribers on youtube channels. With different travel tips to make a unique and exciting adventure.

Lost le Blanc

  • 2 million subscribers on youtube channel.
  • 660,000 followers on instagram.
  • Half a million followers on facebook

Christian Le Blanc, a 27years old travel influencer on social media and a company owner, who created content and write-ups on how to make out time doing what you love. Have different content on travel guides and videos on how to be a successful travel blogger.


The Adventure is real and worth noting to embark on, a tour to experience and have lots of fun. Meeting amazing people, tasting different dishes and still making money from all your adventures is worth taking the risk.

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